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A large number of strawberry and watermelon varieties to meet specific needs of each crop.


Strawberry Plants

Sepalis specializes in the import and marketing of high-quality and performance strawberry plants. With partnerships that result from thorough research and testing, it offers plants from the best varieties produced.


We market the particularly widespread Camarosa variety, exporting its largest percentage and supplying the domestic market with the smaller remaining percentage. Fortuna, Antilla and Marisol are also some of the best strawberry varieties imported by Sepalis from selected nurseries in Poland and Spain.


Our specialization in the marketing of strawberry plants as well as the constant research and updating, have resulted in collaborations with important companies of the sector, operating as exclusive dealers.


Viveros California is one of the top strawberry nurseries with continuous research work for the constant development of new products and techniques that guarantee successful cultivation of the plant. After 40 years of experience, the company produces more than 100 million plants a year, constantly searching for innovative modern farming solutions.


Agronom Plant is a modern unit producing strawberry plants that develops constantly and supplies dozens of countries throughout the world. The ultimate goal of producing high-quality plants is achieved through the implementation of new technologies, ongoing update and participation in important conferences.


Sepalis works exclusively with these two leading companies, aiming to ensure the high quality of the marketed plants. Research and development are the basis of the company's dynamics, putting plants in constant quality controls, while carrying out tests to each new variety for determining its adaptability to the Greek cultivation conditions.


Furthermore, Sepalis is in constant search and research for the new varieties produced each year, so as to safely propose the best plants and provide comprehensive advisory services for their best cultivation. The quality production of strawberry plants marketed by Sepalis proves the high level of specialization and know-how we have acquired in this field.



Watermelon Plants

Sepalis supplies selected varieties of watermelon plants that flourish in the climate conditions of Greece and yield fruits both in quantity and quality. Moreover, the constant search for new varieties is a guarantee for plants of high standards, making Sepalis the top choice even for the most demanding producer.


The round-oval varieties Samantha F1, Early Samantha F1, Celebration, Torpilla, Caravan and Cleopatra F1 and the oval varieties Crimson sweet, Sugar baby, Galaxy, Crimson tide, Crisby F1, Obla F1 and Florida F1, Bostana and Celine are some of the choices offered by our company.


In addition, at Sepalis you can find watermelon plants that meet the needs of each crop, receiving at the same time advice from our specialized partners.


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