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Bio® Aphidius

Aphidius colemani



Parasitic wasps to control aphids (Aphis gosypii, Myzus persicae) in pepper, cucumber, eggplant, strawberry, ornamentals (gerbera, roses, chrysanthemum) and citrus (orange, lemon, mandarin, kumquat).

The product is suitable for use in organic farming, and is available in 3 packages of 100, 200 and 500 parasitic wasps.

Manufacturer: BioBee Sde Eliyahu Israel Ltd

Registration number in the national list of macro-organisms: EΚΣΦΜ 05005



The product is stored in temperature between 8-12 °C for 24 hours, in a dark place.


How to use

Attention in the application: According to the registration decision in the national list of macro-organisms.

The formulation is applied during the day.

The Bio® Aphidius container should preferably be placed / hanged horizontally next to an aphid hot spot (if traced) at the upper level of the plants. The container should be left open, thus enabling the emerging adult wasps to fly out towards the plants.

Be careful: The product should be placed away from the ant nests.

Adult wasps will emerge from mummies in 1-5 days depending on ambient temperature.