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Bio® Orius

  Orius laevigatus



Predatory bugs to control thrips (Τhrips Tabaci, Frankliniella occidentalis) whiteflies (Trialeurodes vaporariorum, BemisiaTabaci) and Tetranychus urticae in pepper, eggplant, strawberry and Ornamentals (gerbera and chrysanthemum).

In crops where Orius laevigatus can feed on pollen, Bio® Orius can be introduced preventively before the appearance of the target pests, upon presence of the first flowers. Where pollen is not available for the predators, Orius laevigatus should be introduced upon the first appearance of the target pests.

The product is suitable for use in organic farming, and is available in 2 packages of 500 and 1000 predatory bugs.

Manufacturer: BioBee Sde Eliyahu Israel Ltd

Registration number in the national list of macro-organisms: ΕΚΣΦΜ 05003  



The product is stored in temperature between 10-15 °C for 24 hours, in a dark place.

The product should be stored and placed in horizontal position.


How to use

Attention in the application: According to the registration decision in the national list of macro-organisms.

Application of Bio® Orius should be carried out upon receipt either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Prior to opening, the bottle should be rotated gently, while in horizontal position, to allow proper mixing of the bugs in the vermiculite carrier. The application of the product can be carried out in the following ways:

1st way: Bio® Orius can be sprinkled from the bottle directly over the plants.

2nd way: Bio® Orius can applied by especially designed distribution boxes that are placed hanging on top of the plants.