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Bio® Diglyphus

Diglyphus isaea



Parasitic wasps to control (Lyriomyza spp.) in tomato, bean, pepper, cucumber and ornamentals (gerbera, roses, chrysanthemum.

The product is suitable for use in organic farming, and is available in 2 packages of 500 and 1000 parasitic wasps.

Manufacturer: BioBee Sde Eliyahu Israel Ltd

Registration number in the national list of macro-organisms: ΕΚΣΦΜ 05002



The product is stored in temperature between 8-10 °C for 24 hours, in a dark place.

The package should be kept intact until the end user.


How to use

The formulation is applied during the day.

The formulation should be applied during the day, by walking between the plants while keeping the lid of the container open in order to allow the wasps to fly out.

We can’t use this product for preventive purposes.