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In 1987 Giorgos Giannopoulos established his company, whose main activity was to provide agricultural products, set the basis for a competitive company aiming both at directly offering services to professional farmers and at providing quality products for crop management and development.


In 2006 the company was passed on to the next generation, and continued its operation under the company name K. Giannopoulou - A. Tsapikonis OE. mapping out a course of development based on research and continuing training.


During 2016, guided by the experience and know-how of the past, the company entered a new phase of development under the legal form of a joint stock company (société anonyme (S.A.)) and the company name Sepalis.


The continuous development combined with the constant quality of our products is what makes us stand out and build relationships of trust with our customers and partners, providing comprehensive solutions in the areas of:

Cultivation plants

At the same time, the specialized partners of our company provide comprehensive consulting and supervision services tailored to the needs of each customer, so that every crop can yield to the maximum using the most secure methods.


Our modern facilities are located in Kapeleto, Ilia, which is one of the most developing areas for the production of fruits and vegetables. The soil found in this area favours the cultivation of strawberry, watermelon and vegetables. Through its presence in the area, Sepalis is in constant contact both with the everyday demands of the professional farmer and the needs arising in the ever-changing agricultural field.


Hence, our daily target is to find solutions that are cost-effective and satisfy both the present but also the future needs of agricultural production. The outcome of our thorough research and knowledge is the current modern image of the company. Its status reveals two key elements: the multi-annual experience and the continuous course of development, establishing us among the top companies of the sector.

Just like sepal protects the flower, Sepalis
takes care of the crop quality from the sowing until the harvesting.


At Sepalis, we believe that proper customer support is the factor that leads to success.
That is why we do not just sell agricultural supplies but we also cooperate closely with each professional farmer, in order to understand the specific needs of the crop and to be able to offer appropriate products and advice for crop management and production. Our specialized agronomists are constantly researching for the most effective solutions so as to always be a step ahead of the present-day requirements. Besides, our priority is to offer comprehensive supervision services ensuring that each of our proposals is implemented in the most efficient way. Within such a framework, our customers become collaborators and trust us not only for the high quality of our products but also for our essential and valid advisory participation in their every step.



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